Friday, July 3, 2015

The ECA Stack: Dosage, Benefits, and Other Information

One of the goals most people have when they go to the gym is to lose fat. They want to burn extra calories through training, lose weight, and get a leaner look. People may look into various training methods, nutritional strategies and even supplements in order to achieve this goal.

Weight training is a crucial strategy for several reasons. First and foremost, resistance training is a great way to burn calories. This kind of exercise creates a significant metabolic impact that is hard to duplicate with other forms of training. It also encourages your body to preserve (or even build) lean mass. The more muscle you have the more calories you can burn in any given exercise session. Adding some form of cardiovascular training is also a good idea. It helps you burn additional fuel and is good for overall health.

Diet is even more important, because you will not be able to lose fat without a negative calorie balance. You simply cannot spend enough time exercising to undo the damage of a bad diet. Many trainees make the mistake of going to the gym but not implementing a good, lower calorie diet.

Supplements can be helpful but are not really all that important in the long run. Most of the "fat burning" supplements, in fact are not really worth the money you pay. Many of the current formulas are basically just caffeine tablets with various ingredients thrown into a "proprietary blend." You never really know if any of these other herbs really help you lose fat or if they are just something to make the supplement look good.

There is one supplement ("drug" is really a better term) that can help you in your efforts to lose fat: ECA stack dosage and other information that will help you if you decide to use it. The formula you will see most often is 20 mgs of ephedrine and 200 mgs of caffeine three times per day. The proper dosage of aspirin is undetermined and it is probably not even necessary for the stack's effectiveness (stick with 80 mgs of aspirin if you want to include it).
the ECA stack. I'll explain the

This drug combination is really popular because it is helpful for dieting and losing weight. It works through more than one mechanism. Because of the stimulants working synergistically, those who use the ECA stack find that it is a very strong appetite suppressor. This is the primary way these drugs help because sticking to a strict diet can be difficult. It also helps by increasing one's energy and alertness, which can help with training intensity and frequency. One particularly good thing about taking this is the fact that it helps stave off muscle catabolism.

When you consider all these things the ECA stack does it is no wonder that bodybuilders and fitness competitors use it widely. But you don't have to compete to benefit from this unique compound. It can help anyone lose fat and get in better shape. Just remember that these are potent drugs and can be dangerous if used by individuals who are sensitive to stimulants. It is also not advisable to take them if you are exercising or living in an extremely hot/humid environment.